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A Lingerie Store Near NY For Your Valentine’s Day Needs

If you are on the hunt for that perfect outfit or idea to impress that special someone this Valentine’s Day, then you should visit our lingerie store near NY. We’ve got a complete selection of outfits and accessories that range from classic to adventurous. Here are some great ideas that can help heat up your February 14th!


Hearts Galore

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like the red heart and we’ve got quite a few different outfits that showcase it in a seductive fashion. We have cupless teddies and lingerie that doesn’t leave much to the imagination except a couple of red hearts. You can opt for a sheer fishnet teddy that puts those hearts on display to wow your significant other. You can buy lingerie at our NY area store that showcases hearts in a more traditional, classic idea like a sexy baby doll or chemise.

Accessorize Your Cupid Style

Lingerie is all about having fun! Keep that in mind as you look for something for Valentine’s Day because we have accessories like red Cupid wings that you can add to your outfit that will keep things light and playful. Maybe you want to take it a step further and get a bow and some heart-shaped arrows? We can help you with that too at Studio One. If you and your partner are looking to shake things up this year, there are other more risqué accessories. There are all kinds of heart-shaped whips that can add the right amount of naughty to your intimate evening. So can something as simple as a blindfold.



If you want a taste of the good life, there are some enticing options as well. Strawberries and whip cream are always an option when it comes to a romantic evening, but you can take it a step further with edible lingerie that will have him or her biting and nibbling all night long.

Contact Studio One Lingerie if you want some more ideas on what to get for Valentine’s Day. You can give us a call today at (732) 636-5070.